5 Reasons Why Martine is a Girl Boss

By  - 6 years ago

Though you see her often on the ‘gram hanging out and traveling with the It Girls, Martine Cajucom has her hands full as the the driving force behind the brand Sunnies.

After the successful launch of Sunnies Face, we wonder how Martine got to where she is now and what we can learn from her. Here are reasons why she’s the ultimate example of a Girl Boss, so take notes!

5. She took a risk

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Martine left her previous job in LA where she has been working for 5 years to develop Sunnies. She had a vision and believed in it. Though it was difficult for her to leave her ex-company which was American Apparel, she made a leap of faith and it all turned out for the best. Though hers was a success story, she advises everyone to assess their own skills first before making a huge decision.


4. She draws inspiration from people and places she likes

According to Martine’s interview here, Sunnies Studios’ initial look was inspired by her frequent travels to other countries and music festivals. She has often stated in interviews that she loves collaborating with her creative team and submerging herself in the places she goes to. After all, it’s what the Sunnies brand is built around — the places and people she loves.


3. She makes sure everyone feels fulfilled in their job

As the Creative Director of the brand, she has a team under her. The It Girl Boss has said that one of the most challenging part of it all is managing people and making these people happy. After all, being a boss means you have a lot of people to be responsible for. Being able to juggle and manage people’s wants is a challenge and it’s what every Girl Boss needs to learn.


2. She puts her heart into everything

It’s no secret that Martine loves to do a lot of things. She loves photography, makeup, and graphic design. It’s evident and clear that she’s very hands-on in everything Sunnies-related and it’s because she puts her heart into it, like what she said in this previous interview.

1. She keeps it real

Her advice to aspiring millennial entrepreneurs? Keep it real. According to her, the more real and direct you are, the more efficient you are with business. When one is honest and genuine with their work, it will show in the product.


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