5 NEW Frozen Desserts You Need to Stay Sane in the Summer Heat

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During the hottest period of the year, you need to stay hydrated with water, but stay sane with delicious frozen desserts. How else are you going to make it through the next three months otherwise?

We searched the market and found five new desserts shops serving cold treats.

5. Ambassador’s Ice Cream

Vegans and fitness junkies, rejoice! Ambassador’s Ice Cream serves treats you can indulge in guilt-free. Sweetened with coco sugar, their unique flavors include Horchata with Almonds, PB Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Dark Chocolate Bits, and Pili Coffee with Activated Charcoal, among many more.

4. Black Scoop

White Rabbit ice cream? Milk tea soft serve with boba? Or how about Pei Pa Koa milk tea? Fortunately, these are not made up! All these unusual but delicious creations were made possible by Black Scoop.

3. Dough Creamery

Dough Creamery took ice cream cone and sandwich to the next level with their Spindle and Ice Dog offerings. Swindle is an ice cream-filled bread cone, while Ice Dog is soft serve sandwiched in a hotdog bun–both of which are spread with your choice of sweet sauce.

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What a cold weir-dough. ?

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2. Melonpan Ice

Remember during your childhood when you’d wait for mamang sorbetero to get a piece of dirty ice cream sandwiched in pan de sal? Japan’s Melonpan Ice will take you back to that very moment with their own version of the treat, a gelato-filled soft-in-the-inside-but-crispy-on-the-outside bread.

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Melon pan, my sweet bun.

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1. Shoobie Sorbet

Healthy and dairy-free, Shoobie Sorbet is the first vegan sorbet in the country, thanks to the people behind Go! Salads! Only real fruits were used to make their products, so you can expect all-natural and absolutely no artificial flavoring for their four berry yummy flavors.

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