5 Male Artists Breaking Gender Stereotypes Who Aren’t Ezra Miller

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ICYMI, actor Ezra Miller broke the Internet when photos of his gender-bending shoot with Playboy magazine were released; you know, the ones where Ezra posed in sexy lace lingerie with bunny ears on his head. It was breathtaking.


Dressing up in traditionally ‘feminine’ clothes, though, isn’t new to him. The queer actor has been known for blurring the lines of gender through his sartorial choices, showing the world (or the universe, rather) how everyone should wear whatever they want, whenever they want. Fortunately, there are more inspiring non-conforming heroes like him!


Check out these five male artists who are challenging gender norms in their own ways:



5. Harry Styles


Source: @harrystyles

When it comes to dressing up, Harry Styles knows no rules; for the One Direction rocker, bright pink suits, heeled loafers, and silk blouses aren’t off-limits because why should it be? As most boy band stars are clad in traditional shirts and jeans, he effortlessly steals the show with his bold fashion choices that would typically be deemed as ‘feminine’. The result? Harry Styles is smashing gender norms, one printed suit at a time!  


4. BTS   

Source: Grammy
BTS isn’t like any other boy band. The seven-member K-pop group has been winning the hearts of millions of fans not only for their chart-topping music, but also their gender-breaking taste in fashion and beauty. Displaying a new kind of ‘masculinity’, these men would hit the stage in pussy-bow blouses and sparkly jackets, topped off with subtle smoky eyes, vividly colored hair, and flawless skin (care of great genes, BB cream, and highlight!).  

Source: @vtcosmetics_official

Just recently, BTS—in collaboration with K-beauty brand VT cosmetics—even released a colorful new makeup line, consisting of eye shadow palettes, cushion compacts, lipsticks, and more. Fans, ourselves included, are living for it!



3. Troye Sivan

Source: @troyesivan
Troye Sivan is queer and proud. Since he came out in a YouTube video back in 2013, the Aussie artist has been challenging gender stereotypes. It’s even as simple as painting his nails in different colors for every show. Eventually, the small act inspired many fans. “@troyesivan I hate gender stereotypes, a boy can paint his nails and a girl can like rougher sports and video games, it’s completely fine”, said one fan on Twitter.



Nail game aside, Troye’s music videos pay tribute to the LGBTQ community. The music video of ‘Bloom’, for instance, earned praises for its gender-blurring visuals; in one scene, you’ll see Troye twirling in a floral gown. Swoon!


2. Paolo Ballesteros

Source: @pochoy_29
Local actor, TV host and father Paolo Ballesteros is defying gender norms with his unbelievable makeup skills. The King of Makeup can flawlessly transform himself into looking like Queen P. or Kim K. It’s hard not to do a double take!


Last month, Paolo made rounds on the Internet once more after transforming himself into Miss Universe queens, Miss Venezuela Sthefany Guchenez and Miss Spain Angela Ponce.



1. Jaden Smith


Source: @c.syresmith
Jaden Smith is a fan of skirts and dresses—and he wants everyone to know that he’s not wearing “girl” clothes. He’s only wearing clothes.

Jaden is all for gender-bending fashion. Back in 2015, the actor rocked a white skirt to prom with Hunger Games actress Amandla Stenberg. What’s more, he even released a gender-neutral clothing line called MSFTSrep and fronted a Louis Vuitton campaign, where he sported a full womenswear look. Speaking up on his genderless style, he tweeted, “If I Wanna Wear A Dress, Then I Will, And That Will Set The New Wave…-JADEN SMITH #ICON”. You do you, Jaden!


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