Things Foreigners Shouldn’t Say to Filipinos

By  - 6 years ago

Meeting people from other countries is cool and all until they ask an off-putting question or a slightly insulting comment about our nation or race. Stereotypes and misconceptions about a country or ethnicity are nothing new but since we’re already in 2018, we should start educating our foreign friends or correcting them. Or if by chance you’re a foreigner reading this, continue on and take notes.


“Why is your English good?”

Because after hundreds of years of being colonized by different countries, we have incorporated different languages into our own. Sometimes we don’t even realize that we’re using some Spanish words everyday. Also, because we’re taught well in school and English is our second language.


“Why do you have so many family members?”

This is beyond our control. Filipinos are very family-oriented that’s why our reunions and Christmas parties are so lit. Even our cousins 4th times removed are invited to our gatherings. It’s not our fault that we embody the concept of “the more the merrier”.


“Why do you like karaoke so much?”

We’re a nation that loves to sing. And we’re pretty darn good at it, too. Rewatch all the singing competition shows you know and you’ll likely find a Pinoy contestant. A Filipino party will not be complete without karaoke. If the neighbors aren’t complaining, you’re not doing it right.


“All Filipinas want to marry a foreigner so they can live abroad”

First of all, no. Maybe some of us do, but a lot of us are contented with our own moreno and maginoo boys, thank you very much. Plus, foreign men just won’t get local jokes like Pinoy guys do.


Why do you eat all that bizarre food?”

Dog pulutans are an isolated case in very remote provinces. Cat siopao is just an urban legend. A lot of us have never eaten dog or cat and we abhor the idea. Though there’s nothing wrong with liking balut or tamiluk, isaw, or papaitan. Every country has their own unique delicacies; let us enjoy our own.

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