4 Kilig AF Reasons Why Enrique Gil Is The Perfect Beau

By  - 5 years ago

The King of the Gil is famous for his fire dance moves and he steals every girl’s hearts when he performs, but there’s more than one good reason why he won the heart of Liza Soberano.


While the pair only recently admitted that they’ve been secretly dating, it’s been clear right from the get-go why Liza is totally smitten over the guy.


Here are reasons why Quen is the ultimate BF goals.


He’s devoted to his fam

Source: @itsenriquegil
Enrique stands as his family’s breadwinner since his dad passed and he’s said countless times that the reason he works hard is because of his family. He’s not shy about being a mama’s boy and he has a super tight-knit relationship with his brother Javi and his sister Andi. Everybody say it with us: aww!


He’s just as devoted to Liza’s fam

Source: @themilpitaszoo
His family extends to Liza’s family too! Even with Liza’s half siblings who live all the way in the U.S., Enrique is the ultimate big brother. The couple travel around the world with both their families—isn’t that just the cutest thing?


He pulled off Liza’s surprise bohemian-themed debut and it was dreamy

Source: @perrytabora
Together with Liza’s close friends and family, Enrique spearheaded her surprise 18th birthday party back in 2016. He even managed to fly in Liza’s siblings from the U.S. just so they can see her on her special day. We’re not crying, you are!


He’s head over heels for his girl and not afraid to express it

Source: @lizasoberano
Don’t you just love a devoted boyfriend who’s not embarrassed to get all mushy about his feelings? From time to time, Quen would post pics of his girl accompanied by a long, sweet caption just to show the world how much he’s grateful to be with her. Keep it up, Enrique!


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