How to Slay Like An Aquarius ‘It Girl’ According to Anne Curtis

By  - 5 years ago

What would the world be like without the fun-loving, compassionate spirits that are the Aquarians. They are known to be quite original, irresistibly charming and free-spirited. That being said, Anne Curtis is practically the ultimate Aquarian cool girl.


She’s kalog, bursting with charm, and most of all she slays like always. So how do we emulate her, exactly? Well, read on to find out how she keeps slaying her ‘It Girl’ status:


Maintain a healthy and active lifestyle

It’s no secret that Anne loves to keep herself busy with outdoor activities and exercise. No matter how packed her schedule is, she makes time to take care of her body and fitness.


You might’ve seen that video of her hugging her hubby after completing 42 km at the London marathon. So the secret to always looking fresh and fit? Exercise, exercise, exercise.


Don’t be afraid to go natural and barefaced

Anne embraces going makeup-free as much as she embraces nature. She’s unafraid and confident to flaunt her bushy eyebrows, freckles and moles to the world, and you know what? Her beauty still shines from within!


Sometimes, girls need to let their skin breathe and let it be in its natural state. Appreciate the skin we’re in and like Anne, we’ll slay the barefaced look!


Laugh and show your silly side

The overused Instagram caption explains it all—”Happy girls are the prettiest.” Anne has never been one to stifle her laugh or hide her wide smile. Even on camera, she’s always showing her kalog side and will be the first to make fun of herself.


When you learn to genuinely have fun and let loose, you are at your happiest. And when you’re having fun, nothing is as attractive as an authentic smile and laugh. So be goofy and be you!


When it comes to fashion, push the envelope!

Always the fashionista, Anne doesn’t stay inside safety lines. Her style has never been boring and repetitive because she loves switching up her look and experimenting with different ensembles.


She can be edgy, dainty, sporty, or avante garde—there is nothing she won’t try. So by all means, be adventurous when you dress up! Remember, it’s not the clothes that make you, it’s the confidence you radiate.


Flaunt what you got

There’s nothing wrong with being proud of what your momma gave you. If you’re confident in the skin you’re in, don’t hide it! Though Anne can definitely show her sexy side, she still keeps it classy and leaves a little mystery. Own it, not overdo it.


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