What Your Favorite Boba Drink Says About You, According to This Twitter Thread

By  - 5 years ago

‘Explanation’ threads are a-plenty in the Twitterverse these days. It’s like doing a mini TED Talk into the void and applause is in the form of likes and retweets. But a handful of these threads take off and one of the recent ones that went viral is by Twitter user succdevon.


She composed a long thread explaining what our milk tea orders say about our personalities and it’s accurate AF. The user claims to work at a boba milk tea place and has done enough research to warrant a comprehensive thread.


Take this with a grain of salt and just get a kick out of it—here is what your milk tea order says about your personality:


Original milk tea is for the Asian Baby Girl/Gangster who owns at least one Supreme item


Taro milk tea is for those too scared to taste the other flavors of life

Thai milk tea is for the non-fussy people who just want something cheap from the menu


Matcha milk tea is for the health nut wannabes who aren’t really that willing for drastic lifestyle changes


Coffee milk tea is for the no-nonsense tough cookies who want to go straight down to business


Oolong milk tea is for the art-inclined, visually impaired, cute Asian


Wintermelon Milk Tea is for people who have their guards up all the time and are probably allergic to change


Almond milk tea is for the sweet, soft boys and girls


Lavender milk tea is for those who are helplessly stuck in some sort of limbo. Also, apparently they are nasty


Earl Grey milk tea is for the stylish introverts


Hazelnut milk tea is for those who grind non-stop for their bread


Hokkaido milk tea is for the kind of friends who would die for you


Any fruit flavored tea is for those who love giving joy to other people

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