What to Wear When Travelling According to Alex Gonzaga

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The part we dread the most when travelling is when we have to pack and think about all the clothes for the trip. It takes foooorever. To help you lessen the thinking so you can do more of the packing, take cue from Alex Gonzaga! Not only is she naturally humorous, she has a jet-setting style worth taking inspiration from for your next getaway! Check out tips below.


Don’t think long and hard of what to pack. Matching sets are always an effortless way to look stylish.

Made in Taytay represent yow!

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Sure, it’s ideal to stick to neutrals to blend in with the locals (because we don’t want to be the subject of their people-watching from their seats at the cafe)…

So bali-balitang dito daw nakapirmi si Tita Mona, malalaman.

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…but subtle pops of color won’t hurt either. Experiment through accessories like eyewear and scarf or maybe your trousers if you dare go bold.

Pwedeng tumawid dito, hindi nakamamatay! 😏 waley.

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Walking around Rome. Nakakaluwag-luwag na talaga ako sa buhay.

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We’re all for comfy wear when traveling, but you can still elevate your basic outfit by wearing pieces in the same hue, making it look more coherent and put together.

Rome parin to promise not dangwa.

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Double your bikini as a top paired with some wide-legged trousers or flowy maxi skirt for a chic beach look.

Bye Boracay! 🌞

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Unsure about how to dress for the cold? Try a simple, but never-fail trick: a turtleneck top layered with a coat.


Make sure to pack a pair of your favorite heels for that fancy brunch reservation you made with your chicas.

Last day and last vlogger pic. Babaduy na naman feed ko after nito.

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You can never go wrong with the tee + jeans/shorts + sneakers combo for a fun and exhausting day in the theme park. You wouldn’t dare wear a skirt or heels, would you?


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