Wanderland First-Timer? Here’s a Checklist of Things You CAN’T Leave Home Without

By  - 5 years ago

It’s that time of the year again when the most anticipated music festival in the country takes place and the hippest international and local artists gather for a night of magic and music.


For first-timers, it can be daunting. The place is huge and packed with people. The event itself starts in the morning and ends late at night so spending the entire day there can be tiring. But don’t worry—if it’s your first time, we got you. 


After you’ve reviewed everything you need to know about the festival, make sure to tick off everything in this checklist:


Bring a blanket or mat


Because it’s an open field and there aren’t any seats for every concert-goer, people bring their own folding chairs, mats, blankets, or blow-up mattresses with them. You don’t want to stand all day and all throughout the night, do you? Relax with your pals on your mats like you’re on a picnic.


Portable mini fan

It’s never not a hot day in the Philippines, and since Wanderland is an open air event, expect to brave the heat.


One way to battle this? Bring a portable mini fan with you. You wouldn’t want your makeup to melt and ruin your look now, do you? Sweat is your enemy and with that many people in one place it can get really sticky.


Extra tissue


Lines for the portable bathrooms can get really long and there won’t always be tissue paper available, so to be prepared by bringing your own! Porta potties also don’t frequently have light inside, so be prepared to hold up your phone flashlight!


A fully charged power bank


You’re probably going to be ‘gramming and taking stories the whole day, so don’t forget to pack a small power bank in case your battery runs out. The last thing you want is to miss taking a video of your favorite artist because your phone died.


Wear a fanny pack or sling bag


It’s much more convenient to wear a fanny pack to events like this. Big handbags and backpacks can be restricting and straining, but with fanny packs or sling bags you can move freely.


Don’t forget to put on sunscreen

SPF is always a must if you’re going out. Even if it’s cloudy, one shouldn’t skimp on sunscreens. The sun’s harmful UV rays can cause long-term damage so if you’re going to be spending a whole day outdoors, better slap on some SPF.


Make sure to bring cash

There are tons of food stalls and booths at the venue so if get hungry or parched, make sure you have cash with you. Bring enough, because stalls probably can’t swipe your credit card and ATMs are limited on the grounds.


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