Valentine Gift Ideas for Every Mister

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February’s here! Can you smell the romance in the air? Now if you’re feeling generous and feel like giving him something extra special for V-Day, then look no further. Whatever type of guy your man may be, we’re sure you’ll find a present fit for him below.


The Man: Le Douche

The Gift: Ultimate gent’s shaving essentials


We call him this with fondness, of course. And given his penchant for the finer things, what better way to show your appreciation for his dapper style than with a Parker shaving essentials set from Felipe and Sons that promises a superior shaving experience all the time, err’ time?


The Man: The Street Style Star

The Gift: Snapback galore

Concrete jungle where dreams are made of ? #NewEraCapPH

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The perfect accessory to (ahem) cap off any outfit, any dude worth his streetwear salt will love you to bits when you gift him with a New Era 9Fifty Snapback or two.


The Man: The Audiophile

The Gift: Turntable or vinyl records

For musical purists, nothing beats the sound of a good old turntable. Satchmi’s Motorino series offers that in a handy-dandy case to boot. They’re also having an end of season sale on their vinyl records, so if your guy already has his trusty player, then you might wanna check out their catalog.


The Man: The Jock

The Gift: A different kind of gym membership

Is your bae dreaming of thrashing it up in the cage? UFC Gym Philippines boasts state-of-the-art equipment, facilities, and classes that will let gym rats #TrainDifferent. They’re currently selling membership at 50% off, so best grab the offer while it’s still on the table. You could also book a free trial session first by getting in touch with them via Facebook.


The Man: The Techie

The Gift: The dream smartphone

Photo from Tech Advisor

Try mentioning the Pixel 2 to your techie man and he’s sure to go gaga in a heartbeat. Get on the pre-order list here and don’t forget to have some table napkins at the ready for when he starts frothing at the mouth when he sees what he’s getting.


The Man: The Popular Kid

The Gift: Designer sneaks

For the fashion-forward guy, Balenciaga’s sneaker drops will cement his cool kid status.


The Man: The Incurable Workaholic

The Gift: Perfect cuppa maker

They say, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” In the same vein, instead of just giving bae a good cup of coffee, get him a one-pod espresso machine so he can brew himself as many cups as he needs for all those OT nights.


The Man: The Fuccboi

The Gift:

Photo from Etsy

Self-explanatory. Bye, Felipe!

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