Unleash Your Creativity with These Fun AF Workshops

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What’s that saying? Idle hands are the devil’s playground? The old saying just basically means you need to use your hands to do good or build something beautiful, and we couldn’t agree more. You’re in luck because Hey Kessy offers the perfect workshops for that!


We know burying yourself in bed and scrolling through social media all day sounds ideal but a productive and creative workshop could help you learn new skills or discover a talent you didn’t know you had. Here are workshops at Hey Kassy that you can attend.


Silver Calligraphy

At some point, you’ve wanted to learn the mesmerizingly beautiful art of handwriting. This workshop will teach you the basic pointed pen calligraphy and later turn your handwriting into a silver bracelet care of Dandy Ona Jewelry.


Pottery: Jewelry

Pottery isn’t just about making pots and pans. Here you’ll learn how to make pendants and bracelets using stonewear clay. You’ll be provided ceramic clay, tools, and workshop zine. Kids above 10 years old are welcome to attend too so even though there’s glazing involved, this is an activity for the whole fam.


Pottery: Spoons

Oh my heart 😍 Ceramic spoons by @clearblurdesign #HeyKessy #LetsBeMakers

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Not into jewelry? That’s fine. They have pottery classes on making spoons so if you like kitchenware better than accessories, this one could be for you. SIlverware are overrated, so make a personalized ceramic one instead!


Pottery: Bowls and Plates

Current obsession: handmade ceramic bowls #HeyKessy #LetsBeMakers

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Personalized bowls and plates are the perfect wedding gift. It’s a unique gift to anyone, actually. Instead of going to the department store for your dining table needs, why not make them yourself? You can give it your own design as well.

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