Unforgettable Looks In This Season of Asia’s Next Top Model

By  - 6 years ago

Asia’s Next Top Model cycle 6 may be coming to a close but we’re not quite ready to forget this season’s moments just yet!


Philippines’ very own Adela made it to the Final 3 and tonight we’ll find out if #TeamPhilippines comes out on top! But in the meantime, let’s do a refresher and take a look back at this season’s most unforgettable and impactful looks.



Mia unleashed her inner prowess for this shoot and blew everyone away. Suspended in harnesses on top of a car while striking a fierce pose? That’s a superwoman feat. No wonder she won this particular round plus a brand ambassadorship to boot!



This photoshoot proved that Dana Sloz’s talent in owning this retro look is larger than life. She’s one of the contestants to receive two top photos already and now that she’s made it to the final 3, she’s bound to wow everyone again with her captivating gaze and come-hither aura.



Would you ever slay this hard with a large reptile on you? Beauty says it’s a piece of cake. This photoshoot brought out her wild and tantalizing charisma and we were here for it! If you can pull off a nonchalant chic expression while creepy-crawlies are on you.



A true fighter in her own right, Adela makes sure she shows her feist despite having soft and delicate features. She came out as the winner for this ringside photoshoot and left an impression as strong as a punch in the gut. Now, onto the final round she goes!



Another #TeamPhilippines contestant, Jachin is a crowd favorite and it’s no mystery why. In this Black Swan-inspired shoot, Jachin stood out to the judges and effortlessly so! She didn’t make it but she left so many fans expressing their disappointment over her departure, which says a lot about her undeniable potential.


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