Types of Jackets and Looks You Can Pull Off

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Since the -ber months have officially begun, it’s time to get out your jackets and dress accordingly to the change of season even though we don’t have winter here. It’s fun to switch up styles, though isn’t it?

Before deciding to bundle up, here’s a refresher on the types of jackets you can wear and styles you can pull off with them.



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Pair it up with ripped jeans for a rocker chic look, wear over a floral mini dress to add some edge to your soft style, or wear it over a turtleneck plus a long pleated maxi skirt. Honestly, if you want to look bold and catching, leather jackets will do the trick. 



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Whether you wear your bomber jacket with your gym attire or mini skirt and midi dress, you’re still guaranteed to look bomb. Bomber jackets just add a bit of “oomph” to your everyday style, don’t you think?



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Parkas are perfect for the rainy weather. Even when it’s cold and wet outside, doesn’t mean your style should be compromised! A parka is the perfect fashion statement – wear it with boots or put it over your dress, whichever way works!



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You can play up your hoodie game in a dozen ways. You can pair your hoodie with its matching track pants like Selena or wear an oversized hoodie as a dress, which works too. Or perhaps layer it up like Kendall and put over a leather jacket if you want to get bundled up.



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A hot item in streetwear these days is the retro-style windbreaker. We’re back in the 80’s and we’re not complaining. Honestly, you can wear anything with a windbreaker. If you decide to wear it with a denim skirt or crop top, make sure to top it off with sunglasses to look hella fly.


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