Try These Premium Chocolates from the Philippines

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Though Cloud 9 or Curly Tops are our go-to classic local chocolates, there’s a whole other league of local Pinoy chocolate goodies that you probably didn’t know. Sorry to say, but won’t see these in jars in your favorite sari-sari stores.


Since the holidays are coming up, ditch the Toblerone or the Ferrero Rochers and go local, because we got a plethora of locally-made single-origin chocolates.


Here are premium chocolates from the Philippines:


Auro Chocolate (Php78-Php990)

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Auro Chocolate proudly calls themselves a “bean-to-bar” chocolate company and sources their cocoa beans from Davao’s local farming communities. If you’ve got a thing for single-origin coffee, Auro Chocolate sells single-origin chocolates.


They also personalize their packagings so if you’re thinking of giving these as gifts, you can add a personal touch. Check their website here.


Theo and Philo (Php115-Php380)

Fearless flavors—that’s what Theo and Philo promises. Made from high-quality local ingredients from Mindanao and Bacolod, this company believes that chocolate and love (theo is derived from the scientific name of the cacao tree and philos means love in Greek) are the two most important elements that make up every bar.


Their flavors range from chocolate calamansi and dark chocolate with labuyo to milk chocolate adobo. Their chocolate bars have already won awards so that’s saying something. You can learn more about this brand and check out the rest of their fearless flavors here!


Malagos Chocolate (Php220-Php1,650)

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Malagos go beyond premiere chocolate bars as they have a variety of products made from homegrown cacao beans including cacao nibs, single-origin cacao liquor, and dry fermented cacao beans.


They also have a chocolate museum in Davao, where the company is based and have a long list of international awards that they’ve won over the years. They also offer gift sets, so you’re in luck if you’re looking to gift your colleagues with these! Browse through their products here.


Hiraya Chocolates (Php180-Php200)

Hiraya prides itself as an advocate for sustainable practices and imparting love and care in their products. Their chocolate flavors include Spicy Dark Chocolate with chicharon—the first of its kind.


They also have Dark Chocolate with Edam Cheese Chunks, a treat reminiscent of queso de bola that’s perfect for the holidays. You can look through their products online here on their website.


Tigre Y Oliva

Their chocolates are made up of 70% to 75% organic cacao. They believe in keeping its flavors raw and original, unlike the more commercial chocolates made up of a lot of sugar and vanilla.

They only have 3 varieties—Talandang, Santa Maria, and Subasta. They’re all single-origin but differ from each other in taste and aroma. You can take a look at their handcrafted chocolates here.


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