Too busy for clay masks? Don’t worry, you can now clay wash!

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Who isn’t a sucker for a good face mask? This single step in our skincare routine is recognized by almost all millennials as the international symbol of self-care and luxury. (Plus, it makes a pretty cute Instagram story!)

Other than being a symbol of status, face masks’ claim to fame is rooted in the fact that they work. Something as easy as a white sheet mask has grown into a plethora of obscure treatments like 24k gold masks, bubble masks, and magnetic masks. Don’t even get us started on the number of DIY ones!

It’s safe to say we can thank clay for that thorough cleanse. Unlike other cleansing skincare ingredients, clay doesn’t just work on the surface. It takes a deep dive into our skin to remove dirt and other impurities, and leaves us with a bouncy, rejuvenated texture.

Though clay masks won’t be leaving our routines any time soon, it’s definitely a step you need to plan around and really make time for.

Luckily, clay doesn’t only have to come in a mask form for us to reap the benefits, because Pond’s just came out with 3 foam cleansers that marries our love for clay with our fast-paced lifestyles. Yes you read it right! A clay cleanser that foams!

Everyone’s skin is different, so these foam cleansers offer different benefits depending on your needs.

Brighten and smoothen

Take it from the skincare aficionados— products with vitamin B3 in the form of niacinamide is one of the best ways to target post inflammatory pigmentation (PIH) as well as uneven texture. Pond’s Pure White Beauty Mineral Clay Facial Foam mixes the benefits of clay with vitamin B3 so you can attain brighter, smoother skin.

Exfoliate and detox

After moisturizer and sunscreen, the next important step in any skincare routine is a good exfoliant. This one step helps detoxify the pores, so it’s an effective way of preventing unwanted acne.

Activated charcoal is one of those ingredients that digs deep in your skin to pull out oil and dirt that other ingredients can’t get to. Try out the Pond’s Pure White Mineral Clay Facial Foam if you’re in for a deep cleanse!

Control oil production

One misconception about oily skin is that you need to get it squeaky clean to avoid getting oily throughout the day. Doing exactly that puts your sebaceous glands on overdrive, causing that oil slick look after just an hour or two after you get out of the house.

Pond’s Clear Solution Mineral Clay Facial Foam is infused with both clay and lacto basil which controls your oil production and helps mattify you throughout the day.

You can get Pond’s whole mineral clay wash range at leading supermarkets, department store, drugstores and Lazada for only PHP189 each!


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