Throw Away Your Skincare Products That Don’t Have These Labels

By  - 6 years ago

Whether it’s food, clothes, or skincare products — you should always check the label.

Honey, we hear you. You just don’t have the time for that! But take the extra 5 minutes to read the back, and look for these labels and ingredients you should stay away from.

Ready to ‘free’ yourself from all these skincare no-no’s?


If you care about not having wrinkles in your 30s, it’s time to ditch any and all products with alcohol. Though the instant gratification of de-slicking your oily skin is tempting, continued use of alcohol products can create bumps and enlarged pores in the long run.

Invest that extra 100-200 pesos more for the alcohol-free alternative of your favorite products, and your parched skin will thank you.


This chemical preservative has gotten a pretty bad rap in the recent years because it’s been linked to the formation of breast tumors. Though there’s no definitive scientific proof for this, those who like to err on the side of caution should choose cosmetic options without parabens.


Sulfates are commonly found in shampoos, conditioners, and toothpastes, so technically these aren’t skincare products, but hear me out. These products still manage to graze your skin in the shower, which is unfortunate when they cause varying levels of skin and eye irritation. In some cases, they’ve even been linked to causing acne.

Bummer, especially when they’re such a good ingredient for degreasing your scalp.


Many international companies are making the jump and committing to cruelty-free, and so should you! Remember, no animal has to suffer in your quest for spotless skin. Check your bottles for a little bunny symbol, which means they’re certified!


Fragrances have no skin benefits, and can cause mild irritation for those with sensitive skin. In some cases, it triggers allergies and respiratory problems as well, so it’s be better to find products that have little to none of these.

If you do fancy a scent in your skincare though, go for products with essential-oil based fragrances.


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