This New Milk Tea Brand Lets You Enjoy Boba Like No Other

By  - 5 years ago

At this point, the Pinoys’ obsessive love for milk tea has put the beverage on “national drink” level. Though the drink has been around for roughly a decade, you won’t see a single milk tea shop without people lined up!


Good thing there’s always a new shop opening in every corner! In April, a new milk tea brand from Taipei is opening its doors here in the Philippines and its unique selling point is piquing our interest.

Onezo Tapioca is the world’s first milk tea brand that makes fresh boba in-store! It’s also going to be the first brand in the Philippines to offer handmade, flavored tapioca.



First, they create the boba base made out of tapioca starch. Flavoring from freshly prepared fruits is then added to the mix to create the unique flavors they have in store. The mixture is then thrown into a machine and gets turned into the bubbly boba we all know and love!

Onezo Tapioca PH first announced their arrival on their Instagram on February 23. Though they asked people to suggest where their first store should be opened, the brand teased that they will most likely be located at one of the metro’s premiere shopping districts.



From the looks of it, we’re getting a rainbow assortment of boba drinks. From what we know so far, the tapioca flavors include caramel, honey, black sesame, and taro. Watch out for “Panda Boba” as well, which is made from bamboo and milk.



Stay tuned for more updates on Onezo Tapioca’s opening date! So are you ready for this tea?


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