Things Men Should Stop Saying to Women

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On behalf of all the women in the world, we compiled a list of comments that men should try to avoid saying to us. Guys may not mean to, but sometimes seemingly innocent remarks can be sexist and misogynist. Jot down notes if you must, because these are very important.


“Smile more!”

Women are not obligated to smile at everyone. We will smile if we feel like smiling. So please don’t tell us what to do with our faces.


“You’re pretty good at _____ for  a girl”

This kind of comment is offensive because it implies that girls can’t be good at a certain thing just because of our gender. We can be good at anything, you know.


“Is it that time of the month again?”

Blaming our monthly cycle whenever we get upset or emotional is rude because our feelings are invalidated and reduced to our ovaries.


“Relax. Don’t be so dramatic.”

Why can’t we express when we’re angry or emotional? Ranting or venting doesn’t always mean we want drama. Women can be vocal about thoughts and opinions, too.


“You look better without make-up on”

Saying this is like telling us that make-up doesn’t suit us when in fact, some of us are more confident with make-up on. It’s just as bad as saying we look ugly without any make-up on.


“That’s not very ladylike of you”

What is ladylike? There is no written standard on how every girl should act. Let women be comfortable with themselves without thinking of pleasing everyone else.


“You’re not like other girls I met”

It can be taken as a compliment but it’s like dissing other girls. You can compliment us without having to disregard or bring down other types of girls. We’re all different and unique in every way.


“You’re just emotional.”

It’s like saying we’re not allowed to be upset or sad. Being emotional is not a bad thing either but we don’t want to be called emotional just because we are sad about something.


“You’re cute when you’re mad.”

It sounds like we’re not being taken seriously. When we are seriously angry, it’s offensive to reduce our anger to being ‘cute’.

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