These Relatable Pinoy Comics Will Make Your Day!

By  - 6 years ago

Comics are definitely still alive and kicking – just check out your news feed and your friends have most likely shared one or two. If not, you’re seriously missing out! Forget everything else (for now, at least) and enjoy these Pinoy web comics with the most #relatable lines:


I feel the love, bes.

Source: Ambula

True friends tell either tell you the harsh truth or boost your confidence level 100x. There’s no in between. Whatever their feedback is, they will stay by our side whether you’re a 10 or not.

“Kung ‘di ka sasama, ‘di ako sasama”

Source: Hunghang Flashbacks

You go back and forth and never reach a definite decision. After all, a party is nothing without your favorite bunch of people.

The sad truth…

Source: Libreng Komiks

We can’t all be Kardashians, sadly. We’re just going to have to accept the fact that a flat behind is all we have and we have to own it.

Positivity at its finest!  

Source: Libreng Komiks

Diet always starts tomorrow. But an easier route is to just avoid the weighing scale altogether. Are the pounds not diminishing? Easy: stay off the scale. You don’t need that anxiety anyway!

When someone you know casually starts dating your ex

Source: Hulyen

It’s fine. You’ve been staring at their pictures together for hours now but it’s fine. You’re already deep into her Instagram but you’re totally fine and not affected at all.


The single life be like…  

Source: Overheard Comics

Raise your hand if any mundane thing that you encounter in your daily routines trigger your forever-alone-ness.


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