These #MissUniverse Tweets Won The Night

By  - 6 years ago

The most beautiful day has come upon us once more. While the whole country was tuned in, eagerly awaiting for the results of Miss Universe, there were a few of us busy refreshing our feeds, anticipating the flood of hilarious commentary from our countrymen. Let’s face it: if there is one thing Filipino netizens enjoy as much as they enjoy supporting the Philippine bet, it is airing their thoughts on anything and everything about Miss Universe on Twitter. Here’s a look at the tweets that are worthy of their own coronation.

This hypothetical Q&A can replace Pia Wurtzbach’s iconic final round answer

When we all have a pageant mom moment

When Miss Columbia quoted the OG Janina San Miguel

When Rachel Peters is competing for Miss Universe, but is also celebrating her debut

What Rachel was probably feeling at that very moment

“Dasal, dasal lang talaga”

Sorry, ladies. The Queen of Social Media already won

When Miss Universe causes a shortage of makeup artists

Does this mean more chances of winning?

Baby, you’re a firewoooork ?

When Miss Myanmar tried to end world hunger

Hurry! Grab this once-a-year opportunity to propose to your crush

You are what you eat. Literally

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Featured photo from The Miss Universe Organization