These Humans of New York Stories Made Us Cry Buckets

By  - 6 years ago

For 8 years now, Brandon Stanton has been compiling so many heartwarming and touching stories for Humans of New York. Some were about death and loss, but most of them were about love and hope. Let’s take a look back at the most tear-jerking stories we’ve come across.


5.When a troubled son felt his mother’s unconditional love

“When I told my mom that I was going to rehab, she was about to catch a flight to her 40th High School Reunion. I told her: ‘I guess you won’t be bragging about me to your friends.’ She said: ‘Actually, I’ve never been prouder of you.’”

4. When an old couple’s love overcame everything – even death

“When my husband was dying, I said: ‘Moe, how am I supposed to live without you?’ He told me: ‘Take the love you have for me and spread it around.’”

3. When a husband never gave up on his ailing wife

“I wandered into the lobby of a nursing home on the Upper West Side, and discovered this man, who was on his way to deliver a yellow bear to his wife. “I visit her everyday,” he said, “even when the mind is gone, the heart shows through.”

2. When this man’s soulmate passed away before him

“My wife used to say: ‘We are one.’ And believe me, she was not the type of person to overstate something. Now that she’s gone, I realize how right she was. So much of our lives were linked. We were very physical and affectionate. But we also shared every ritual of our life. I miss her every time I leave a movie and can’t ask for her opinion.”

1. When HONY creator, Brandon Stanton, lost his beloved dog Susie 

I’d never had a dog before. It was a new experience. I was introduced for the first time to a dog’s unexplainable and unconditional love. After a few weeks, it seemed that Susie’s only concern in life was staying as close to me as possible. There was now a joyous reunion waiting for me at the end of every workday. And I learned that there are few greater blessings than a wildly happy dog greeting you at the door.”

More people outside New York will be sharing their own anecdotes as Brandon Stanton recently visited the Philippines to listen and collect stories of the people of Manila. Expect to shed more tears when these come out!

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