These Hilarious Sephora Reviews are Relatable AF

By  - 6 years ago

We go to Sephora for our makeup shopping spree but an important factor we overlook sometimes is the reviews. How do we know if a product is worth selling your kidney away? Or which primer keeps your foundation in place throughout your tearful breakup?

Here are some notable reviews on Sephora that every makeup enthusiast can relate to.

Would you sell a family member or organ for the best makeup?

Queen Elizabeth I will approve of this review

TEXT: When I put this on, I LOVED it. However, at the end of the day all the mascara was smudged under my eye. so, if you want to look like Jack Skellington be my guest. Honestly I am a virgin, so if this is better than sex then I’m becoming Queen Elizabeth I.


Trust us, some blending brush are just too overpriced and we’re not here for it.


Boyfriends come and go but this primer stays forever, apparently

TEXT: I wasn’t sure if I should’ve bought the primer at first, since it was on sale. But the first time I used it, I found out that my boyfriend of 2 years had cheated on me with someone for 6 months. I cried for 2 days straight, and my eyeshadow and liner stayed in place perfectly. This product is amazing.


When your dog smells better than this perfume, you probably shouldn’t buy it.

TEXT 1: The only good thing I can say about this fragrance is the bottle is appealing. It’s up there with the top worst fragrances I’ve ever smelled in my life. My dog’s farts smell more pleasant than Girl.

TEXT 2: […] This smells like the old lady at the end of the whisky bar, wearing age inappropriate clothing and lots and lots of robins egg blue eyeshadow. I guess that woman is Pharell William’s girl.


Get you an eyeliner that will stay through the night until your next hangover


Fenty Beauty is out of this world if their highlighter is this poppin’

TEXT: I LOVE THIS HIGHLIGHT SO MUCH! If you wanna be spotted form nasa, this is your highlighter! I normally wear this when I got out because it picks up so well in photos and it glows all night! I can’t wait to try the other shades because this one is definitely a favourite of mine!


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