These Cool Filipino-Developed Apps Will Save You From Boredom

By  - 6 years ago

Filipino ingenuity knows no bounds. Case in point: when boredom strikes, Pinoy app developers got your back. Check out these 8 awesome Filipino-created mobile apps that are definitely worth your phone’s precious memory space.


Kill the Plumber

Basically, it’s Super Mario with the roles reversed. You get to play the villains with your ultimate goal being to kill the world-renowned Italian plumber trespassing in your kingdom.

Download it on Google Play and the Apple Store.


Make Tusok the Fishball

We’ve included this in our list of commuter-friendly mobile games before, but we think it deserves another mention here. We can’t say enough about how entertaining Make Tusok the Fishball is because would you just look at that? You even get to tusok some mini-hotdogs after you hit milestone numbers for your high score!

Download it on Google Play and the Apple Store.



If you’re the pun-ny friend in your squad, then you’ll love (and probably breeze through!) this word game. Just how far do you think your wit can take you?

Download it on Google Play and the Apple Store.


Zombies vs. Penguins

This game will have you act as a gun-toting penguin off to kill zombies. It’s a bit reminiscent of that old aim and shoot Puzzle Bobble game of the 90s, but this time around, you’re trying to get rid of zombies instead of multi-colored bubbles.

Download it in on Google Play and the Apple Store.



You get to view one face of a Rubik’s cube on your screen, aiming to recreate abstract photos shown in the game. Each box or pixel moves like how a Rubik’s cube squares behave and that is actually what makes it more challenging than one might expect!

Download it on Google Play and the Apple Store.



Now you get to play the classic outdoor game of your childhood on your phone. This app has a clean and simple look, but just like its analog predecessor, it can spell hours of fun gameplay.

Download it on Google Play and the Apple Store.


Overtake King

It’s an endless run game where you control a motorcycle and you have to weave in and out of traffic to become the Overtake King. Just like how overtaking IRL can be dangerous, you should always be on the lookout while playing this game lest you lose your cruising streak.

Download it on Google Play and the Apple Store.



Unlike the other apps on this list, this one will actually get you out of your seat and even out of your house. As its co-founder, former Azkal Anton del Rosario describes it, Laro is a social fitness app that lets you join and set-up friendly games and competitions regardless of your sport. It will help you find and meet other runners, badminton players, or footballers that you can play and train with on the weekends or maybe even on weeknights if your schedules permit.

Download it on Google Play and the Apple Store.


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Featured photo from @pearlas16 and Overtake King YouTube.