These Celebrity Pets Are More Instagram Famous Than We’ll Ever Be

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Some of our favorite celebrities have furry pals of their own–and they’re more famous on Instagram than we’ll ever be. Check out these celebrity pets and their fur mommas.

Katy Perry and Nugget

Katy’s caramel-colored pooch looks like a teddy bear in real life.

V important puppy bowl meeting ??

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Kathryn Bernardo and Cloud

The teen queen treats her golden retriever Cloud as her best friend.

He really thinks he’s human • Mandals from @primadonnaph

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Taylor Swift and Meredith

Taylor Swift’s famous cat, Meredith, is adorable in all her suplada glory.

Meredith is allergic to joy.

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Anne Curtis and Tofu

Tofu, Anne Curtis’ pup, is a fur ball of joy.

My little #TofuCurtisSmith ? Happy Weekend!!

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Cara Delevigne and Leo

Just like his owner, Leo is a total badass. Remember when he crashed the Chanel fashion show and scored front row seats?

❤️?❤️ puppy love ❤️?❤️

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Miley Cyrus and all her fur babies

Miley practically lives in a zoo, and we have the Instagram posts to prove it.

A post shared by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on

A post shared by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on

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Meet my newest family member ❤️ #Milky #adoptdontshop #peaceforpits

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Happy Piggies @happyhippiefdn

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