These Are the Philippine Superfoods You’ve Probably Been Sleeping On

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As far as superfoods go, people seem to think that the more exotic they are, the better. But here’s the thing: there are a lot of locally available foods that are actually more potent (and cheaper too!) than some of the trendier ones out there.

Now, we’re not knocking on kale, acai berries, Brazil nuts, and the like. They are pretty remarkable in their own right. But the point is, you don’t really have to look far to get nutritionally-packed foods for a healthier you.

In true superhero fashion, these homegrown “good foods” have alter egos of sorts and we’re here to uncover the ones that should bask in the spotlight they deserve. Read on to learn more about these amazing foods.



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Compared to kale, this green leafy plant also known as moringa, has higher levels of protein and calcium. It even has four times more calcium than milk and up to seven times more vitamin C than oranges!



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Besides being high in fiber, helping you feel more full (and less full, if you know what we mean), sweet potatoes are also loaded with potassium, manganese, antioxidants, and vitamins A, B6, and C. These can help prevent infections, lessen water retention, and keep your blood pressure in check.



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This veg gets its purple color from a pigment called nasunin. And it’s been found to have powerful disease-fighting properties, so start making it a regular part of your diet.


Pumpkin Seeds

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Remember those seeds you used to snack on as a kid? They’re actually especially nutritious, containing fiber, zinc, potassium, and even more protein than eggs or almonds.



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Known mostly as a product of Davao, mangosteen is a low-calorie fruit that’s rich in fiber, vitamin C, antioxidants, and a number of other essential nutrients. Some of the benefits of incorporating this into your diet are better circulation and overall heart health, as well as lower cholesterol levels and risk of cancer.


Sugar Snap Peas (a.k.a. Sitsaro)

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One cup of these babies contains up to 4 grams of fiber, making it a super satisfying for less calories.



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Also known as luyang dilaw, this superfood has pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging properties. Studies have also shown that it can lower your risk for heart diseases, brain diseases, and cancer. It can even help in managing depression to boot! What can’t this spice do???



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We use this veggie in almost every dish we cook, yet you probably didn’t know just how awesome it really is for your health. It can fight off infections and even the colds. It also helps improve your mental and cardiovascular health, but more notably, it has shown promise in the fight against cancer.



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Kasoy is one of Antipolo’s most famous food products, and it boasts of zinc and vitamins E and B6 which makes it super effective in reducing inflammation, speeding up healing of wounds, and keeping heart diseases and diabetes at bay.



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Studies show that this root crop can help ease migraines, nausea, and stomach aches because of its anti-inflammatory properties. So next time you experience any of these symptoms, consider going for a cup of ginger tea instead of popping an aspirin.



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The medicinal properties of this native plant has long been recognized by our elders and is a good source of fiber, folate, iron, calcium, antioxidants, and vitamins A and C. It can help improve your eyesight, boost your immune system, and regulate your blood pressure, to name a few of its amazing health benefits.

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