These 5 Local Beauty Shops Will Make You Say Sayonara to Your Next Paycheck

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We’ll let you in a little secret: a lot of local beauty finds are just as good as international brands! The local beauty industry is finally stepping up, and oh honey, it’s time to #LoveLocal.

Here are 5 local beauty shops that have us spending this payday!

Lash Lab Manila

Instagram baddie lesson number 1: your lashes better reach for the sky! Faux minks have been donned by social media stars for years, but they come at a hefty price. The iconic Huda Beauty and Lilly Lashes can set you back $24-30 (1,200-1,600), and aren’t readily available.

Lash Lab, on the other hand, is a locally grown brand that specializes in premium faux mink lashes that will only set you back ₱250-550 for a gorgeous pair. Check out their magnetic lashes to get the drama sans the glue or any any of their fluttery minks to pack on the glam.

Love these lashes? Use the code #girlinlashlab for FREE SHIPPING on their website when you spend P1,000!

Lash Lab Manila website | Instagram


Miss Bella PH

Neat freaks, this one’s for you!

Getting your vanity to look magazine-ready is a nightmarish feat if not for a few elegant organizers. Miss Bella PH creates acrylic organizers in different sizes to fit eyeshadow palettes, makeup brushes, lipsticks, and so much more. The organizers are so in demand that their statement pieces are almost always out of stock.

Recently, they added a set of soft, marble brushes to their collection of beauty tools. We think they’d be a lovely pieces to add to your vanity. *wink*

Acrylic organizers, ₱240-5,800

Marble brush set, ₱850-950

Miss Bella PH website | Instagram

Snoe Beauty

Microblading has been all the rage in the last year or two for letting people wake up with naturally filled brows, minus the effort. Though the service is a godsend, not everyone is willing to shell out a paycheck or two just for arches.

In comes Snoe Beauty with the next best thing! Their What’s Up Brow Eyebrow Embroidery pen creates hair-like strokes that mimic the look of microblading. They’re highly pigmented, but insanely natural-looking, just as brow embroidery should be, but for a fraction of the cost.

What’s Up Brow Embroidery, ₱499

Snoe Beauty website | Instagram

Mikki Galang Hair

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimized by bleach!

If you’re sick and tired of spending hours on the salon chair, but still want hair that’s effortlessly striking, a lace-front wig is in your near future! Mikki Galang Hair serves you everything from a long platinum blonde, to a bouncy dusty lavender, to a striking teal bob, so you can change up your look whenever and wherever.

Ella is wearing Mikki Galang Hair in Mona.

Mikki Galang Hair website | Instagram


Tokyo Posh

Listen, hair takes forever to grow out, and we mean forever. This makes dramatically slicing off your locks à la Mulan a little daunting.

Instead of going short, how does going long in a few minutes sound? Tokyo Posh specializes in high quality hair extensions that come in one easy piece, unlike traditional hair extensions.  

Watch our video below to learn more!

How to Use Tokyo Posh Hair Extensions

Ready to go from short to long hair in just 5 minutes? ??Tokyo Posh Hair Extensions

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Tokyo Posh website | Instagram


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