The 5 Best Lip and Cheek Tints Available Locally

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Think the flushed cheeks and a just-bitten lip trend is dying out? Think again! Brands are coming out with different products to make achieving this look both easier and longer lasting. Creams, jellies, and oils are just some of the new formulations available on the market, so it’s safe to say there’s already a lip and cheek tint out there for you.

Though keep in mind that to get the best looking pout, you have to do your part. Exfoliators and lip balms are your friend!

Ready to make drunk blush your everyday staple?

Careline Jelly Tint

(Top photo from Andrea Brillantes / Bottom photo from Careline PH)

Brand ambassador Andrea Brillantes schools us on how to use this product in her everyday makeup routine. The jelly texture makes it perfect for getting an even flush on your cheeks and lips! Clock that price tag, too!

Careline Jelly Tint, P125

Colourette ColourSnaps

(Photos from Colourette Cosmetics)

Colourette Cosmetics is no stranger to lip and cheek tints — heck, this local brand has every formula under the sun! But one product definitely stands out from the crowd, and it’s the ColourSnap line.

This cream formula comes in a lightweight tin that’s so easy to bring around, you’ll probably forget it in your bag. Warm it up on your fingers and get to dabbing the product all over. No need to worry about it setting, because it’s buildable with a dewy finish.

Colourette ColourSnaps, P249

Benefit BeneTint

(Photos from Benefit Cosmetics)

A cult classic is a cult classic for a reason. BeneTint remains in celebrity handbags for the reasons you’d invest in it: its long lasting, blendable, and universally flattering.

They’ve since created color variations with the same amazing formula, so we recommend headed to the nearest Benefit counter to swatch them yourself!

Benefit BeneTint, P800

Cloud Cosmetics Cloud Water Tint

(Photo from Cloud Cosmetics)

If you’re looking for a product with the same charm as the BeneTint, but with a more affordable price tag, this is it. Pumped with hyaluronic acid and aloe vera, this product doesn’t just stain your lips, it hydrates and nurtures it from further damage.

Cloud Cosmetics Cloud Water Tint, P199

Labiotte Wine Lip Tint

(Photos from Labiotte Official)

If you’re into the celebratory bottle of wine at the end of a hectic week, this lip tint was made for you! This product doesn’t just look and smell like wine — it’s formulated from your favorite glass of red. This line has 6 gorgeous shades that puts the drunk in drunk blush.

Labiotte Wine Lip Tint, P599

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