Taylor Swift Songs For Every Phase In Your Lovelife

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Love her or hate her, it’s simply undeniable that every girl who’s ever had her heart broken can relate to Taylor’s lyrics. She has songs about being in love, being heartbroken, being single, and learning about life in general.

Her music may have evolved through the years as she matured, but her songs continue to be our companion in times of pain, loneliness, and and happiness.


Here are Taylor Swift songs for every phase in your lovelife:


Sparks Fly – Having a major crush on someone

Ah to feel like a teen again. Getting those butterflies in your tummy whenever you see your crush and having elaborate daydreams of what it would be like to meet in the pouring the rain. This is what this song is about.


When just one smile from that someone makes the world seem like a better place to live in, you know sparks are indeed flying. Don’t pretend like you’ve never felt this before!


You Belong With Me – Loving someone who’s unavailable

Welcome to the friendzone. A handful of us have been there and it sucks. However, there’s nothing wrong with wearing high heels, just as there’s nothing wrong with wearing sneakers. Just because the girl he likes is cheer captain doesn’t mean she’s evil and you’re special.

Though we get the intention of the song, some lyrics seem to put down other girls. Remember, wearing T-shirts while the other girl wears short skirts doesn’t mean he automatically belongs with you. Respect that he’s in a relationship and the least you can do is be his friend and wait to see whatever’s meant to be.


Delicate – Hesitating to start a new relationship

Have you ever worried about how rumors about you might affect a potential SO? Taylor knows that feeling. Delicate is the word Taylor used to describe a potential relationship that you’re hesitant to start because you don’t know if your reputation might ruin it before it even begins.

But if you’re lucky, like Taylor, you’ll meet someone who won’t care about what people say about you. He’ll like you for who you are, not what’s said about you.


Style – Being in a complicated relationship

If you’ve ever used “It’s complicated” to describe a relationship before, you’ll get what Style is all about. Here’s this dreamy guy you’ve been seeing but you can’t quite put a finger on what you two really are. You heard he’s been out and about with some other girl but he says he can’t stop thinking about you.


He’s sending you mixed signals and you want to quit, but the moment he calls you, you give in. What gives? When you can’t DTR, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Put on this song and sing at the top of your lungs about that James Dean daydream look in his eyes.


King of My Heart – Falling deeply in love with someone

If you’ve met your soulmate, you will probably understand this song on a deeper level. That one you’ve been waiting and praying for, he’s arrived and you don’t want anything else but to treat him like a king. He’s the end to all of your endings.


You’re sure, in your body and soul, that this guy is the one you deserve. When all your past pain and heartbreaks feel like they’ve been mended by this guy, he deserves to rule the kingdom of your heart. 


Out of the Woods – Feeling lost and anxious in a fragile relationship

Have you ever felt lost in a relationship? When you don’t know where it’s going anymore and don’t know how long it will last? Taylor asks you, are you in the clear yet? Out of the Woods is the anthem for those who are in a fragile relationship. Any second it’s going to crumble, but you’re still holding on to that tiny ray of hope that you’ll find the clearing soon.


It asks questions like when did it start to go wrong and wondering if everything’s ever going to go back to how it was in the start. But alas, when the number 1 feeling you get in a relationship is anxiety, it’s probably better to break up.


All Too Well – Going through heartbreak while reminiscing the good old times

This is probably the most emo song Taylor has ever put out. You can hear the pain in every line, while she reminisces about the good times that are long gone. There’s something so painful yet beautiful about recalling the specific details that defined your now-defunct relationship. 


You know you’ve found yourself remembering tiny moments like singing in the car with him, dancing around in the middle of the night, or just laughing at his baby photos while his cheeks turned red. Ready the tissues for this one, you’re gonna need it.


Clean – Finally getting over someone

Taylor compared getting over someone to sobering up. Love can be like a drug. When you’ve been hooked on someone for a long time, you gotta get yourself clean especially after being addicted to the feeling of being with them. If the line “You’re still all over me like a wine-stained dress I can’t wear anymore.” doesn’t make you bawl, we don’t know what will.


Moving on is never easy—it feels like drowning sometimes, but you just have to wade through it. If you’re ever trying to get over someone, give this song a listen. It might just help you find your way to the shore.


Long Live – Appreciating your friends who supported you through your heartbreak

Of course, you wouldn’t get through all your heartaches without the help of your friends. Taylor wrote this for her band, who was with her throughout her tours and the rise of her career. And that’s essentially what friends do—they are with you in your journey and making magic with you.


And you hope that the legacy you had will live on forever; all the memories and the bond you’ve created despite knowing you’ll eventually be living separate lives. Hence, long live.


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