Styling Tricks to Make You Look Taller

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Aside from finding the perfect lowered angle when taking photos, there are other ways to look longer and taller. Thanks to fashion, minor changes in styling can give you that needed insta-boost. Check out these five tricks to gain extra inches.


5. high-waist bottoms

High-waisted pants and skirts creates the illusion that your lower body is longer.

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4. vertical stripes

Clothing printed with vertical stripes illustrates longer patterns that flow along with your body, making you look thinner and taller, as opposed to horizontal stripes with patterns that go from side to side, making you look wider.

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3. monochrome look

Sporting a single color can make it appear like you have an elongated frame since there is continuity in your look, while mixing colors highlight where your upper body ends and lower body starts.

You can also just focus on matching your bottoms and shoes to lengthen your legs.


2. skin-tone heels

Wearing heels in the same color as your skin tone makes it seem like your legs extend longer.


1. heels under maxi dresses and skirts and wide-legged pants

The easiest trick is to wear floor-length articles that could cover your sky-high heels or platform shoes underneath. No one has to know about your killer 7-inch pumps if no one can see it!

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