Still Single? Update Your Playlist With These Sawi Anthems

By  - 5 years ago

Are you one of those who are still reeling over a recent breakup or just over the fact that you’re still single?


Don’t worry, we’re here for you this Valentine’s. While everyone’s getting bouquets and booking fancy restaurants for dates, we’ll provide you a playlist to keep you company as you wallow in singledom and heartache.


Update your sawi playlist with these songs:


1. Someday – Leanne & Naara

This cover of a Nina classic is one of the OGs of Pinoy heartbreak anthems. Instead of screaming into the void for someone who left you, wallow in this bittersweet serenade about hoping to find a better fish in the sea. Cry if you must, but remember, someday you won’t even miss him.


2. Dating Tayo – TJ Monterde

Time machines haven’t been invented yet but until that time comes, the only way you can “go back” to the sweet, sweet times is by listening to songs like this. When you miss the times when everything was pure bliss but now everything is upside down, turn up to this track until your heart bursts from the pain.


3. Kathang Isip – Ben&Ben

Ever felt like a certain love was made just for daydreaming? That’s what Ben&Ben is telling us. When some things just aren’t meant to be, we can’t help but dream about what could have been or what should be. But alas, happy endings only exist in imaginations.


4. Kung Di Rin Lang Ikaw – December Avenue

When you’re dead set on someone and you don’t want anyone else, you can probably relate to this song. “Kung ‘di rin tayo sa huli, aawatin ang sarili na umibig pang muli” You’d rather spend an eternity alone than find someone else? December Avenue gets you. This might be the exact opposite of what Nina’s Someday talks about but different strokes for different folks.


5. Walang Hanggan – Quest

Do the lyrics “Ginawa ko na ang lahat ‘di pa rin sapat” resonate with you? Trust us, that’s one of the less painful lyrics in this track. The melancholic melody and the soulful voice of Quest doesn’t help—get ready to cry yourself to sleep.


6. Kahit Ayaw Mo Na – This Band

When your SO has decided to give up and you refuse to just let the relationship cease to exist, Kahit Ayaw Mo Na is the OST to your plight. Sometimes, when it’s not meant to be, it’s difficult to walk away. We gotta learn to let go somehow, but while you’re still struggling, play this on loop.


7. Burnout – 3D

Have you ever found yourself losing sleep over the moment when things started going wrong? And you feel so burnt out? Take a break, give yourself some space to just assess things, and listen to the song. One thing to remember when you’re stuck in a pickle like this—you’re not alone.


8. ‘Di Na Muli – Janine Teñoso

Regrets are common when something ends or when someone that used to be constant in your life is suddenly gone. You wish you could’ve been more understanding, more patient, and spent more time with them. But as life would have it, it won’t happen again.


9. Anino – Up Dharma Down

Being attached to someone sucks, doesn’t it? But being practically like a shadow is something else. Despite everything that happen and everything you’ve been through, you are still there. If you’re the determined, unmoving, and persistent type in love, Anino is for you.


10. Bleed – Reese Lansangan

The least sad song in this list, this track is more about a love so good that it hurts. The kind of love that you can’t exactly describe, just that it feels like being home. Being secure, safe, and sound are the best feelings in the world and should be cherished while it lasts.


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