Start a Zero Waste Life with These Five Items

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It’s never too late to begin another New Year’s Resolution. Apart from sticking to your self, fitness, and career goals, consider adding one that focuses on the environment. It doesn’t take much to make a contribution; just a few changes in your daily life will already create positive impact. Ditch single-use packaging, and switch to these five zero waste items.


5. Straws

You might want to think twice before reaching for that straw. Don’t let another turtle go through the same excruciating pain this Costa Rican turtle ( had to endure. Why not try these metal straws by Sip PH and bamboo straws by Remind PH?


SIP PH has different sizes and colors to choose from, so you’d find fit for you and your drinking habits. Milk tea addicts, you don’t have to miss your pearls.

While you’re at it, consider adding their bamboo utensil set to your cart, so you’ll never have to worry about breaking another plastic spoon or fork and producing more non-biodegradable waste.

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For those who prefer something natural, no inks, no dyes, and biodegradable, these bamboo straws by Remind PH are perfect for you!


4. Bottles and Tumblers

The world produces about a million plastic bottles worth of waste every minute (, and these will all just accumulate, building mountains and mountains of it in the landfill.


With Klean Kanteen’s sleek and modern design, wouldn’t you rather carry these around? Their bottles, tumblers, and cups are also insulated, which can keep your drinks, ice cream, and alcohol cold for longer hours.


3. Coffee Cups

Before you get your caffeine fix from your go-to coffee shop, think about the paper and plastic waste you’ll be producing after that last drop. Lucky for you, Cupping Initiative has brought KeepCup to the Philippines to save coffeeholics and the environment.


They offer their coffee cups in fun colors and different designs including a Star Wars-themed collection! Its size is also barista-approved as it perfectly fits under machine group heads.


2. Food Wraps

Instead of using multiple zipper plastic bags and layers and layers of tissue for your sandwiches, an eco-friendly alternative are beeswax food wraps. This will keep your food fresh, and are also washable so you can use them again. Milea All Organics and Island Happy have plenty of cute designs to choose from.


1. Menstrual Cup

Just imagine how much money you can save and how much less menstrual waste you’ll produce when you exchange disposable sanitary napkins and tampons for one menstrual cup. Wearing one will also give you the freedom to enjoy water and rigorous activities as it is comfortable and waterproof. You can get one from Sinaya Cup, and with every purchase, they will also donate one to underprivileged communities.


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