Save a Ton with this Ultra Chic Gown Rental Service

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Ever had a hard time looking for a formal dress to wear to a friend’s wedding? Or maybe you’ve spent hefty sums of money just to wear a gown once that’s now cooped up in your wardrobe because you haven’t had the chance to wear it again? understands these worries perfectly.


What is, you say? It’s a new rental service that will solve all your evening gown problems. Say goodbye to holes in your wallet or last-minute shopping for formal wear that doesn’t really fit your style. So how does work? Read on and we’ll tell you all about it.


Book an appointment

This is your first step. Before anything else, you will need to set an appointment with the studio 2 weeks before your event. You can schedule your fitting here on their website.


Choose your dress

Hey guys, I wanna share with you something I discovered cause I've always wished for a service like this 💓 My friends and I always borrow each other's dresses for weddings and other occasions but sometimes there are themes – or sometimes they don't fit well because we all have different sizes and styles. (I'm sure everyone does this!!) Now there's a fix!! offers hundreds of dresses for rent! — for whatever occasion, style, size you want — plus, they carry my favorite designers!! This isn't a sponsored post or anything and I don't mean to go all friendster-testimonal on you 😂 I just find it sooo convenient!! Plus, it's a fun experience to try on all the dresses in just one place 💓 Enjoy! 💓 #itsrsvp

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Another great thing about is they have a team of in-house stylists that will tend to your styling needs. They’ll make sure your dress will fit you and help you personalize the gown to fit the occasion you’re attending. On their website, you can input the details of your event, the colors you want, your size, and style preferences.


Pick up

If you’ve scheduled your fitting appointment 7 days before the event you’re attending and you’ve found the perfect one, you can go home with the dress. Otherwise, you can reserve it and schedule it for a pick-up anytime.


Return it

No need to wash or dry clean it. After your event, drop the dress off at their studio and they will take care and handle the rest. also accepts pre-loved dresses. If you’re up to your elbows in unused gowns and dresses, can partner with you and help you make money by renting out your dresses. Here’s how.

Apply invests in our closet so our clients don’t have to. 💫

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You will need to register and make an account first. Submit all the necessary details including photos of your dresses and descriptions of each.

Wait for confirmation

Now, you wait. When your dresses are approved, they will appear on the “my dresses” dashboard.


Drop off dresses

Dresses first, occasions second. 👗 #comingsoon

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Once approved, you will need to drop off them off at the studio. will handle everything else.



You'll never cancel again. #itsrsvp

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Get paid. You get 20% of the rental fee every time your dress is rented. They will deposit your share into your account monthly. Easy money, right?


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