Panda Express Is Coming! Here’s What You Should Order First

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Now that everyone is buzzing about the most famous Chinese restaurant chain in America finally opening its doors here, we thought you should also know about their wide selection of mouthwatering food that will get your stomach instantly rumbling.


If you haven’t tried Panda Express yet, you might have a hard time deciding what to order first so we’re here to narrow it down to 5 of their best-tasting and best-selling menu items.


5. Chow Mein

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This Chinese staple is made up of stir-fried wheat noodles with onions, cabbage, and celery. Though it’s actually a side dish, it’s enough by itself to be your mein meal.


4. Kung Pao Chicken

Their take on this classic Chinese dish is kicked up a notch with a lot of delicious chilli peppers. If you’re a fan of spicy and savory flavors, this one’s your go-to grub.


3. Beijing Beef

This entree of marinated beef strips will give you a burst of flavor of onions and bell peppers. Panda Express lovers in the West claim this is an underrated winner, so give this dish some love!


2. Shanghai Angus Steak

A decent, well-cooked steak meal at a fast food restaurant? Unheard of. But people swear by this entree of thick, flavorful steak strips that are just the right amount of chewy. This is one of those items that will end up being your default order.


1. Orange Chicken

This dish is Panda Express’ claim to fame and everybody who’s ever tasted it knows why—boneless meat bathed in the signature sweet and spicy sauce is addicting at best. Once you’ve gotten a taste of it, you won’t stop coming back.


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