Our Top 5 Cupcakes in the Metro

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If there’s anything better than cakes, it’s the miniature versions of cakes. Cupcakes! You can get it on the go, give it as a present for special occasions, and it’s basically just bite-sized so you can have dessert without having to buy an entire cake when you want to treat yourself. 


Here are some of our picks of the best cupcakes in town!


5. Marta’s

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Marta’s is one of the most sought-after cake makers in Manila but it’s not just the cakes that people are raving about; their cupcakes are worth the try too! You can even decorate your own cupcake so you’ll feel like a sugar-crazed kid again.

4. Wicked

While they sell a lot of pastries and treats, their red velvet cupcakes are wicked good. Even if you’re not a cupcake type of person, you’ll want a bite of one of these.


3. Cupcakes by Sonja


You could say Sonja’s is like the OG of the cupcake scene in Manila. Whether it’s their Vanilla Sunshine or their Red Velvet Vixen, you’re never going to shut up about them once you’ve gotten a taste of Sonja’s cupcakes.

2. Mom and Tina’s Bakery Cafe

You know what love tastes like? Biting into any of their cupcakes feels like your heart is being wrapped in a warm embrace. Not overwhelmingly sweet but not too bland either, their cupcakes are just the right amount of yummy that it almost feels like home.


1. M Bakery

Everything you want in a cupcake, M Bakery’s cupcakes have it. Words cannot convey how divine their confectionery is so you might as well just try them for yourself to fully understand its goodness.



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