Our Favorite Looks From UNIQLO’s 2017 Spring/Summer Collection

By  - 7 years ago


UNIQLO has always taken pride in its simplicity, quality, and longevity, and what we love most about them is how they’ve consistently proven that they’re more than just a fast fashion brand– they’re modern elegance, innovation, and comfort, all in one.

The GOTV team got first dibs on this Japanese brand’s 2017 spring/summer collection. This season’s collection features timeless pieces that promise to cover every aspect of life. Here are some of our top picks:

Work Smart

We’re in love with the polished and effortless chic vibe of this dress.


Their denim line promises both comfort and innovation in all of its pieces.


In their athletic line, sportswear features are incorporated into everyday apparel to make clothing functional and fashionable. Their sports bras are totally GOTV-approved.

Uniqlo U

Their Uniqlo U line transcends trends and reinvents basics to anything but basics. 

Ines De La Fressange

The Ines De La Fressange collection makes us want to channel our inner French girl. Bring out the baguettes!

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