Noche Buena-Proof Your Lipstick

By  - 8 years ago


Christmas is the season for spoiling your mains, using too much tinsel, and eating ’til you hate yourself. Now, we can’t help with your depleting funds or abundance of glitter everywhere, but we’ve got a hack to make your lipstick as resilient as you are!

STEP 1: Exfoliate

One way to optimise the look of your makeup is to have a great base. Not all of us are blessed with poreless skin or smooth lips, but exfoliating is key to both!

Take any lip exfoliant and gently rub the dry, dead skin off. Give yourself a sweet treat by trying out a sugar scrub you can easily lick off your lips!

STEP 2: Moisturize

Exfoliating can make your skin raw, so following up with a moisturizer helps you gain that soft, smooth finish.

STEP 3: Dab off excess

On a regular day, we could probably get away with topping off moisturizer with any lipstick, but since we’re trying to make the pigment last through the Cebu lechon tita brought, we’re dabbing off the excess sheen.

STEP 4: Apply matte lipstick

Take your favorite matte lipstick and swipe on a nice opaque layer. Make sure you get into all those creases and corners.

STEP 5: 1-ply tissue

Take a facial tissue,  separate it, and press it onto your lips. We need a thin layer of tissue for the next step to work.

STEP 6: Translucent powder

Take a powder brush, and dip it into any translucent or no color powder. Dust this over the tissue.

STEP 7: More matte lipstick!

Take the matte lipstick you used earlier, and put another layer over your lips. Have a smudge-free Noche Buena!

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