Nail Your #HealthyEatingGoals With the Help of This App

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It may already be February, but it’s never too late to finally get your #HealthyLiving2018 underway. With two months in, there’s still more than enough time to make this year THE year you finally stick to your #HealthyEatingGoals and get one step closer to a better and stronger you. And the good news is: We’ve found the ultimate tool that will make your fitness journey incredibly more convenient.

honestbee is now here in the Philippines and it will let you do your grocery shopping from the comfort of your own home. So you have more time and energy to look up and try new recipes for delish dishes that do not sacrifice flavor for nutrition.

These trained shoppers can recommend substitutes in case they’re out of stock of your ingredient of choice.

But our favorite feature of the honestbee app has got to be its food delivery service. They’ve got a special category for restos that serve healthy foods, so it’s way easier for you to find and choose the best eats for your #healthylifestyle. Did we mention that they will deliver said wholesome resto meals right to your doorstep?

orders delivered. #honestbee

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こんな便利なのがあるよと教えてもらったから、さっそく試してみたよ。 honestbeeってゆう買い物代行サービスなんだけど、コストコや東急プレッセ、ナショナル麻布などの海外スーパーがネットで買い物できて、届けてくれるシステム。 子育てて時間なかったり、仕事が忙しかったりすると、指定の日時に届けてくれるからとても便利で、この時期は寒くてチビ連れて買い物も大変だし、きっとこれからお世話になっちゃうだろうなぁ。 チビはコストコで頼んだブルーベリーに夢中。 #オネストビー #honestbee #買い物代行 #costco #コストコ #海外スーパー #PR

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They offer a personal courier service called beeXpress as well, which allows you to send and receive packages within the day. And it’s accessible on the same app!

It's 11 days to Chinese New Year! ? Are you done with your laundry yet? Every year, I dread washing all my beddings during this period. But this year, I've outsourced this task to Honestbee. That's why I'm shaking legs now LOL. ? Honestbee Laundry is an island-wide service that picks up your laundry from your doorstep and delivers them back, fresh and clean within two days. ? That's incredibly fast cos other laundry shops usually take up to a week. ❤ All you have to do is to download the honestbee app, select the items you want to send, preferred pickup and delivery time, then check-out! Easy peasy, right? ? If you're thinking this service may be expensive, you're wrong. I did a price comparison before I type this, I was pleasantly surprised to find that honestbee price is very reasonable. Take a comforter for example, it's priced at $14.90 (I used to pay $16 at the laundry shop!). Try out honestbee laundry today! You can spring into festive shopping mode now with your spring cleaning laundry all taken care of! ??? Thanks to @honestbeesg for the lovely media kit. . . . #honestbee #honestbeelaundry #chinesenewyear #honestbeesg #laundry #laundryservice #timesaver #doorservice #goodtimes #springcleaning #goodthingsmustshare

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Download honestbee for free on Google Play and the Apple Store today and start tapping away to a healthier you. You can thank us later!


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