Mendokoro Finally Hits BGC! Here’s Why the Hype Isn’t Dying Yet

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Mendokoro isn’t an unfamiliar name to the true Japanese cuisine lovers of Manila. But to those who haven’t heard, it’s a famous ramen bar that first opened in Salcedo Village that foodies and celebrities flock to despite the long lines. Now, we don’t have to traverse to the far south anymore to enjoy a bowl of one of the best ramens in town because Mendokoro has opened its doors in BGC. And here’s why you should be excited.


The new branch is twice the size and has more seats!

7 days until we open our doors in Icon Plaza, BGC. See you all there!

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While the layout of the restaurant is essentially the same (bar and stools – it’s a ramen bar after all) as its original branch, there are 45 seats in the new one to accommodate more people. This means fewer lines and faster turnaround but believe us when we and a dozen other customers say it’s definitely worth the long queue.


The home of the best ramen

Friday fave dish. ??? #hermouthisfull

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Even before a simple Instagram story of their ramen was blown out of proportion in a celebrity social media faux pas, their classic Shio, Shoyu and Miso ramen have been the talk of the town. Ramen enthusiasts on Instagram claim it’s the best ramen they’ve tasted. If you’re skeptical or if your curiosity is piqued, maybe it’s time to check it out for yourself if you haven’t yet!


They have the #1 miso in Manila

Word is that their Miso Tonkotsu is first place as far as miso ramens in Manila go. Several food blogs have been raving about this bowl saying it will make you come back for more. After all, people didn’t fall in line for no good reason. The hype is definitely real.


They’re open until the wee hours

Two words: In demand. The beauty of a piping hot bowl of Japanese ramen is that it’s perfect anytime. Whether as a comfort food, hangover cure or late-night craving, ramen is always in demand. If you’re feeling the post-drinking or midnight munchies, Mendokoro serves until 12AM and it’s just right there in BGC.


Their secret menu item is worth seeking

Just as they did in their Makati branch, they still offer secret menu items. Only the wise and experienced know exactly what to order from their secret menu but the fact that frequent goers passionately rave about the Super Chasu ramen all the time makes us think its crazy delicious flavor is no secret at all.


Mendokoro Ramenba is located at Icon Plaza, 26th street, Bonifacio Global City

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