Meat Lovers, You Need to Try Savage’s Open Flame-Grilled Dishes

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Grill restaurants aren’t new to Manila, but Savage found a way to make it feel all fresh and exciting again: their dishes are cooked the primitive way.


Forget gas and electricity—this newly opened pre-industrial dining restaurant in BGC, Taguig, relies on open fire and wood charcoal to grill their dishes, giving that authentic smoky flavor that you won’t normally get from city-based restaurants.


So if you’re a true meat lover, here’s everything you need to know about this sizzling new resto:  



Nearly everything on the menu is grilled—even salads!



For starters, their Charred Romaine Salad boasts an extra kick as its pieces of lettuce are grilled to have a smoky flavor. While everything on their menu isn’t fixed (Josh Boutwood—the creator of Savage—is constantly whipping up fresh dishes every now and then), the best selling meat dishes so far are the Prime Beef Ribeye with Charred Onions and King Edward Pork Chop, Mustard Leaf Chimichurri; both of which taste just as good as they look!



They serve gigantic ‘Grilled Tuna Jaws’



If you’re not a fan of meat (we’re looking at you, Vegans), the menu also has something for you. Living up to the resto’s ‘savage’ name, their tunas are extra-large in size. It’s served with miso and topped off with loads of breadcrumbs and a dash of cadena de amor blooms. Meanwhile, another non-meat must-try is the Barramundi fish, which boasts a savory and tangy taste.

The snacks on the menu are savage too!




The restaurant’s deviled eggs with smoked oil and ash are not one to disappoint; locals love it for its smoky twist. For a salty snack, you can’t go wrong with their giant Pork Rinds (a.k.a. chicharon), which is perfectly served with vinegar powder and curry ketchup. End the meal with their light and sweet Meringue Strawberries and Vanilla dessert and you’ll be leaving the resto feeling 100% satisfied.

The Savage restaurant is located at the G/F The Plaza, Arya Residences, McKinley Parkway, Bonifacio Global City.


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