Local Celebs Who Aren’t Afraid to Show Off Their Goofy Side

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Thanks to social media, celebrities can happily share to the world just how real—or in this case, goofy—they can be. After all, for most actors and actresses, this is the side to them that we don’t normally see on-screen!

To perk up your day, check out these local celebs who aren’t afraid to let out their funny selves:



5. Maymay Entrata

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Ang Ghosto ko sa London ?

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Maymay Entrata has come a long way since her days inside the Pinoy Big Brother house but there’s one thing that has never changed: she’s still as real and as wacky as ever! Whether it’s through her interviews with Edward Barber or even her posts on Instagram, Maymay always gives us a good laugh, what with all the funny faces she makes and the corny jokes she cracks. There’s never a dull moment with this lady!



4. Isabelle Daza

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“hold Baltie so I can try to pose like a MILF!”

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Isabelle Daza may be classy AF but she can also be one of the silliest people, too! This It girl isn’t afraid of keeping it real online—and even offline—and her Instagram account is a living proof. Her hilariously truthful captions on everything, from first-time mom experiences to chic #OOTDs, will make you LOL IRL! Here are the funniest captions she has posted so far: “Hold Baltie so I can try to pose like a MILF!” and “Wearing a suit today so I can look like a busy person online pretending to have a 9-5 job.



3. Alex Gonzaga

Alex Gonzaga never shies away from showing off her true goofy self and we’re all here for it! Thankfully, she has an Instagram and YouTube account to document her humorous moments off-screen. Watch her vlog series featuring mommy Pinty or scroll through her Insta posts that have the funniest captions for major #GoodVibes.

2. Maine Mendoza

We always love it when Maine Mendoza lets out the true fangirl in her; remember when the actress geeked out over meeting Riverdale star Cole Sprouse? Maine posted a photo looking like she was feeding Cole halo-halo from afar. Surprisingly, for the next photo, she was actually feeding him the dessert. So adorable! We’d probably react the same way if we were that close to Jughead Jones, TBH.   


1. Nico Bolzico

Nico Bolzico may not be a celeb but what would this list be without our favorite Argentinian funnyman? Solenn Heaussaff’s hubby has the most hilarious Instagram account, where he won’t mind showing off his silly dance moves, sharing his never-ending #BulliedHusbandsClub stories, or in this case, giving us a peek of his bum. If you’re up for a good laugh, you won’t regret hitting that follow button!


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