Lash Lifts, Extensions, or Perms: Which Eyelash Treatment is the Best for You?

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Ask almost anyone, and they’ll say that the perfect set of lashes would be long, fluttery, and effortlessly flirty — making it the pièce de résistance of any natural makeup look. Unfortunately, only a few of us are blessed with naturally gorgeous lashes, so it’s no wonder lash treatments have been increasing in popularity over the years.

Though, not all lash treatments are made for every type of person.

Depending on your lash type and dedication, one treatment might be better for you over the other, so keep reading for which one you should get!

Lash Lift

Image from theurbanbeautylounge

Perfect for: Short, straight lashes

Some people use the terms lash lift and lash perm interchangeably, but don’t be mistaken — these two treatments have different results!

A lash lift essentially perms the lash mainly on the base, which pushes your lashes upwards for maximum length.

Lash Perm

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Perfect for: Long, straight lashes

Unlike a lift, a lash perm presses your whole lash on a cylindrical tool that creates a more barrel-like curl. This process does lose some length, but it creates naturally wispy looking lashes!

Lash Tint

Image by atlashbeauty

Perfect for: Thin, perky lashes

Much like brow tints, lash tinting gives you the illusion of naturally thick strands. If your lashes are already long and curled, this treatment is perfect if you’re looking to skip mascara every morning!

Some salons also offer this treatment alongside your lift or perm, so ask your technician if they have packages!


Image by sugarlashpro

Perfect for: Any lash type

Extensions definitely give instant drama and ooh la la sensations, but they’re the most high maintenance and damaging out of all these treatments. Since the technicians anchor the extensions onto your actual lashes, when they fall off, they usually bring your hair down with them.

Plus, say goodbye to showering like you usually do, because they recommend you not getting them wet.

Despite this, tons of women still opt for this treatment for that “I woke up like this” feeling, and we can’t blame ’em! They look amazing.


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