Korean Phrases You Should Familiarize With

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If you’re an avid fan of K-dramas or just started getting into the rabbit hole that is K-pop, chances are you know some basic Korean words. But if you have zero knowledge and you’re planning a trip to Seoul soon, here are some basic Korean phrases and words you better study up on.


An-yeong-ha-se-yo – Hello


This is the standard greeting in Korea, not “saranghae oppa”. Use it to greet the restaurant owner, the street food vendor, and just about any Korean person you meet when you’re in SoKo.

Ban-gap-seup-ni-da – Nice to meet you


After you say hello and the other person greets you back, this is what you usually follow it up with. You can bow your head to be extra polite as well.


Kam-sa-ham-nida – Thank you


This is what you say after your food is served to you or when the cashier lady hands you the change.


Jwe-sung-hab-ni-da – I’m sorry


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If you accidentally bump into a stranger or unknowingly step on someone’s feet, this is the polite and formal way to apologize.


Jal mo-reu-get-ne-yo – I don’t understand


If you ever get mistaken for a local or if you are bombarded by sales people selling you stuff, this is what you say.


Uhl-ma-eh-yo – How much?


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You’re going to be using this the most when you go shopping so you better familiarize this with phrase like the back of your hand.


Do-wah-ju-se-yo – Help


In cases of emergency or if you ever get lost in their intricate subway system and you need some assistance, this is how you ask for help.


Je-mi-sseo-yo – This is fun!


Lastly, don’t forget to express that you’re having fun. When locals invite you for some soju and chicken, use this expression to let them know that you’re enjoying your stay and their company.


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