Just Wing It: Perfect the Ariana Grande Cat Eye With This SUPER Easy Hack

By  - 7 years ago

Perfecting the Ariana Grande cat eye doesn’t require serious skills after all. All you need are your favorite liquid eyeliner, steady hands, and thread. (Dental floss works just fine, too.)


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This hack is genius. The best part about it is that it’s so easy, you could literally create a perfect winged eyeliner right now. No, we’re not kidding. Not convinced yet? Watch the video below.

Here’s how to slay your cat eye game:

Step 1. Apply liquid eyeliner on thread.

Step 2. Stamp out your desired shape.

Step 3. Fill it in and complete your cat eye.

Step 4. Exhale. Look at the mirror. Congratulate yourself.

You know what they say–sometimes, you just got to wing it. Life, your eyeliner, everything.

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