Julia Barretto’s Italy-Inspired 22nd Birthday Party Is the Stuff of Dreams

By  - 5 years ago

Celebrating your birthday at your dream destination is one thing. Making legendary event stylist Gideon Hermosa bring it to life in your mom’s backyard is another!

Last March 9, Julia Barretto celebrated her 22nd year with an Amalfi Coast themed party—complete with makeshift lemon trees for that opulent Italian vibe.

Image | Gideon Hermosa

Gideon, being the maximalist that he is, adorned every corner with vivid yellow details. If you need something the usher in the warm summer air, brightly colored flowers is definitely the way to go!

Image | Gideon Hermosa

Though, it wasn’t just the decor that was reminiscent of summer! For her first look, Julia wore coords that’s both flowy and flirty, while her second outfit was a statement-making, cut-out dress.

We’re definitely saving these for inspo, along with the rest of her summer looks!

Image | Cath Sobrevega, Marj Barretto, & Gideon Hermosa

Of course, friends and family of the Barretto’s were present for the festivities. Just check out those outfits!

Images | Erich, Maymay, and Janella

We can tell there’s so much love and light just from the photos! Mama Marj definitely pulled out all the stops for Julia’s last birthday party at her house.

Will we get the same extravagance once Julia’s house is done? We’ll just have to wait and see!

Images | Marj Barretto & Andrea Beldua

Happy 22nd birthday, Julia! We know you’ll definitely kill it this year!

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