How to Shop on eBay like a Pro

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Want designer but don’t want to pay full retail price? If past seasons and second hand clothing don’t bother you, eBay can be a fashion addict’s dream.


Here’s our handy guide for how to score delectable investment pieces on the Internet’s largest marketplace.

1. Be Search Savvy

To maximize your finds, be sure to optimize your search settings for best results.


See the “Advanced” button beside the search bar? Click it, type in your search, and make sure to set search results to Worldwide so you can find the best deals from all over the globe.


Miu Miu Rhinestone-Encrusted Leather Pumps ($259 USD)

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Know what you’re looking for before you search. It’s best to filter results by brand name unless you have the hours to sift through thousands of uncurated results.

2. Get Your Value for Money

Don’t say we didn’t warn you: price points for most designer goods will range from $80 – $350 USD. If you ask us though, paying for items that are a mere fraction of their original retail value is a great deal (that’s why they’re called investment pieces!).


Comme des Garçons White Pleated Mini ($89.99 USD)

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Be sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck by selecting items that have been significantly discounted. Our rule of thumb is to purchase at about 30% of their original retail price.

If you’ve got a budget to set, there’s a function where you can input your maximum spend per item.


Miu Miu Sparrow Wedges ($169.99 USD)

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3, Designer Lookalikes

Another way to use eBay is to find high quality items that have the look of designer pieces. Brands like COS (H&M’s Scandi-chic older sister) and &OtherStories (think elevated Zara) are all over the site and go above expectation quality-wise.


&OtherStories Black Cut-Out Dress ($12.96 USD)

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Cos Cream Knit Top ($5.19 USD)

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4. Hit the Shops

There are retailers on eBay who stockpile a well-curated selection of items. Look out for these stores! Two of our favorites are Linda’s Stuff  (huge selection of great discounts) and dc-playful (for Japanese designers).


Marni Woven Leather Platform Sandals ($69 USD) via Linda’s Stuff

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5. The Newsfeed is Your Best Friend and Worst Enemy

The homepage of eBay can store your searches. Looking for size 7 Gucci loafers? Follow the search and eBay automatically displays all your query results on its homepage without you having to look for them. You can see new results on your homepage every time you visit the site.


Jil Sander Mesh White Oxfords ($35.03 USD)

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Marques Almeida Shimmering Frayed Denim Top ($149 USD)

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Maison Martin Margiela Glitter Bow Pumps ($229 USD)

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For best results, follow multiple searches. The more you have, the more diversified your newsfeed will be. Things get dangerous, though because more options means more chances to spend!

eBay responsibly.