How to Decorate With Books

By  - 7 years ago

If you think books are just for reading, think again. Although we love a good page-turner, we can’t miss an opportunity to prettify our surroundings by creating a space to captivate the most discerning of bibliophiles and interior design freaks. Here’s how to make the most of your tomes:


10. Rainbow Reads


Forget the Dewey Decimal System. Create a reading rainbow and arrange your novels by color for a visually striking effect.

9. Invest in a killer shelving system


Give your beloved books a home that’s just as beautiful as their stories. We’re loving the industrial yet simple feel of this one.


8. For when you’ve run out of shelf space


We’re totally floored by these stacks.


7. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize


Make your shelves shine with some well-placed accessories.
6. One word: minimalism 


You don’t need a fully stocked library to make a big impact. A few well-placed reads makes for a classy, subtle effect.


5. Try your hand at some installation art


Purists will cringe, but books are works of art in themselves so why not transform them into one?


4. Go green

Source: @urbanjungleblog

Up the ante with some plants and create a green space as verdant as your stories.


3. Let it float


Create an ethereal effect with these floating shelves. Tutorial here.


2. Wake up and smell the coffee (table books)


They’re called coffee table books for a reason. Deck out your coffee table with your favorite novels.


1. Build a wall


No, not that wall. If you’ve got enough reads, create a stunning visual by filling up an entire wall space.