Hidden Bars That Aren’t in BGC or Makati

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The Prohibition Era is long gone but the trend of speakeasy bars continue to thrive. Speakeasy bars were illicit businesses in America in the 1920’s but its concept has since been mimicked up until today.


There’s been a noticeable growth of speakeasy bars in Manila in recent years and while most of the more popular ones are located in Makati and BGC, there are notable establishments worth paying a visit to in other parts of the capital. You just gotta know where to look.


Here are hidden bars outside BGC and Makati:


Three Little Pigs – Kapitolyo

12 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City

Three Little Pigs is located on the second storey of a pig-themed restaurant. Its quaint, quiet vibe will be right up your alley if you enjoy an intimate atmosphere and dislike the loud and crowded bars. Order a Whiskey Sour or two and take photos of their Instagrammable interiors.


Thirsty Barber – San Juan

G/F Promenade Building, Wilson St., cor P. Guevarra St., Addition Hills, San Juan

Behind a barbershop would probably not be the first place you think of when looking for a place to have a drink but the team behind Felipe & Sons thought “Why not?”. As soon as the clock strikes 6pm, the bar behind the barbershop opens and the party begins. After a fresh haircut, grab a cocktail or two


RM16 – Kapitolyo

Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew, 16 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig

Somewhere inside Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew, there’s a Coca-cola door that leads you to another place called RM16. The bar is inspired by the Eiffel Tower but the cocktail names are Latin American. Have the Coquito and Tittos Sangria but if you want to be more adventurous, try the Spiced Berry.


Unit 6 – Mandaluyong

50 Domingo M. Guevarra, Mandaluyong

This one’s probably the newest and most unknown joint in this list as it just opened its doors recently. Located somewhere along Domingo M. Guevarra in Mandaluyong, it’s tucked behind a cafe called Tipsy Beans. We’re not going to tell you where the entrance actually is because that’s the whole fun of it, isn’t it? When you do find it, order a drink called Adios and feel right at home in the dimly-lit space with a New York mobster wall mural.


INT. Bar – Cubao Expo

Cubao Expo, General Romulo Ave., Cubao

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We think the most important thing about making cocktails and any culinary practice in general is the voracious hunger to learn every thing and anything that would help you with your creative process. However, unlike other craftsmen, the chef, or in this case, the bartender needs to have an intimate understanding with the ingredients being used. If you used low quality ingredients, don’t expect a high quality product. There’s no magic being done here – just hours of research and testing. That’s why here in INT. we approach our other ingredients with the same respect as when we test out new spirits and liqueurs. As much as we possibly can, we make every single syrup, infusion, and cordial from whole spices and raw ingredients. It’s that same attention to detail that we can assure is placed on every cocktail that goes out of the bartop. Ultimately, we just want to show that we take our craftsmanship seriously because every detail and every ingredient that goes into your cocktail counts.

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Whenever we create our cocktails we usually look into ingredients first and how they play well with other ingredients. However, this cocktail was more conceptual in nature. In a way, our intent is to let you experience a film differently – by the power of association and remembrance. We wanted a cocktail that encapsulates the personality of one of our favorite films. We wanted to create something that signifies the film's characters, offbeat and quirky but refined. So we started with a Scotch base that has qualities of vanilla, caramel and toffee. Then we mixed in a very robust Tawny Port wine to temper the sweetness but also to contribute aromatic layers of dried red fruits and aged wood. Finally, we added Galliano L'Authentico to emphasize the vanilla and herb notes on the finish. To provide a more interesting aroma we also toast the citrus oils that would give a tinge of smokiness and caramelization. This is how we saw Wes Anderson's cinematic masterpiece. This is The Tenenbaum. #INT #cocktail #whiskey For more updates, follow us on our social media pages. Instagram https://www.instagram.com/int.bar/ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/IntBar-429561564194433/

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If you find a photobooth with a red velvet curtain in Cubao Expo, that’s the entryway to INT. Bar. Step right in and make yourself comfy in this cozy, small nook. The simple and vintage furnishings will take you back in time and if you enjoy a quiet, relaxed atmosphere to just kick back and have a drink, INT. Bar will provide just that.


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