Here’s How Not To Dress Like Everyone This Holiday Season

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Before you even think of defaulting to red or green clothing, consider this an intervention. Ditch the Christmas basics and take a look at these holiday-worthy alternatives. Go for textured fabrics, embellished pieces, and shiny material like the ones below for an even more Chic-mas.


5. All bets are placed on velvet to be the season’s go-to fabric. It feels just as luxe and cozy as it looks.

Php 12,995.00 – Mango

Photo from Mango

Php 1,995.00 – Zara

Photo from Zara


4. Exchange leather apparel for something more wearable in this weather. Get clad in corduroy, the stylish and textured cousin of denim.

Php 2,995.00 – Zara

Photo from Zara

Php 2,995.00 – Mango

Photo from Mango


3. Rise and shine! Glisten like a star in these sequinned pieces.

Php 2,295.00 – Mango

Photo from Mango

Php 3,995.00 – Zara

Photo from Zara

Php 2,995.00 – Bershka

Photo from Bershka

Php 7,995.00 – Zara

Photo from Zara


2. Pile on the jewel-toned metallics and you’ll have no problem standing out in a sea of red and green.

Php 2,695.00 – Mango

Photo from Mango

Php 1,190.00 – H&M

Photo from H&M


1. If the aforementioned sparkles are too bold for you, focus on an embellished statement piece instead. Opt for clothing adorned with subtle embellishments like beads and embroidery so you’ll look nothing like that Christmas tree in your living room.

Php 1,695.00 – Mango

Photo from Mango

Php 4,995 – Zara

Photo from Zara


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Featured photo from @janineguiterrez and @kimcamjones.