Have a Blast Planning the Future You With This Sunnies Organizer

By  - 7 years ago

We got our hands on the 2018 Sunnies Agenda, and honestly, we can’t wait to plan the year ahead. This year’s stylish hardbound planner is filled with funky illustrations, visual guides, and a whole lot of chic. Here’s a sneak peek into the agenda that will make you want to rush to a Sunnies store stat.


6. It’s Cher-approved!

If Cher Horowitz saw the canary yellow plaid cover on Instagram, she would definitely double tap that. She’d also regret that it wasn’t created sooner to match her iconic back-to-school outfit.


5. It supports our shopping habits

Shopping in stores and online poses the dilemma of not knowing your size equivalent in the US, UK, Europe, etc. Ugh, we feel you. The Sunnies Agenda makes it easier by dedicating a whole page to size charts for men and women for clothes and shoes. On behalf of all shopaholics, tysm!


4. Confused about your collars and sleeves?

You can also widen your sartorial knowledge and vocabulary thanks to the visual guides on different types of collars and sleeves. There’s more to know than just collared shirts and sleeveless tops.


3. If you need some travel tips…

The time zone map is for jetsetters who need help adjusting to the time difference or for those who communicate with family or friends from the other side of the world. Oh, and there’s also a page that translates “please” and “thank you” in different languages. Very helpful when you ask locals for directions.


2. What’s your frame?

If you’re itching to purchase your next pair of sunnies, the planner also has a page where you can check out various styles and frames you might fancy.


1. It’s a date

Thankfully, Sunnies designed super wide monthly grids and weekly rows for you to doodle on, take notes, and make shopping lists.

Convinced yet? You can get the 2018 Sunnies Agenda for P599 or for only P199 with any Sunnies purchase. Head to their website or cop yours in store.


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