Get Kilig With Paulo Avelino’s Swoon-worthy, Witty Responses to #AskGoyo

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Goyo star Paulo Avelino unleashed his hilarious side when he held a Q&A on Twitter yesterday after the premiere of his latest movie Goyo. In case you missed it, we’ve compiled some of his replies that had us all laughing and squirming in kilig. Let the hilarity ensue!


The thirst (or hunger) is real. Calm down, ladies.

Aside from acting, Paulo’s great at translating Tagalog to English



Paulo teaches us about making financial decisions


If you’re smitten, you’ll get bitten. GAME!



He’s stressed but still willing to care for you. *Sigh*



He’ll love you regardless of gender. A woke king!



A lot of us are hiring, Paulo. Just saying.



He wants us to focus on our studies. Tough love.



If Paulo Avelino gives you a dot, you take it!

What’s a skincare routine? Goyo can’t relate.



Apparently this is the ingredient to effective anti-aging.



A man who can do laundry? Boyfriend material right there.


If you want to see more of Paulo’s funny and quirky side, check out our videos of him reacting to his memes and doing a staring contest below:


Paulo Avelino Reacting on Paulo Avelino's Memes

So… gusto mo ba ng kape? ☕Paulo Avelino

Posted by The Girl on TV on Wednesday, 28 March 2018


Paulo Avelino Staring Contest

How long will you last?

Posted by The Girl on TV on Thursday, 22 March 2018



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